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Mega low day

Felt low all day and tried to ignore it. Mum is getting very disorientated (sp) think it may be while they get her dosage right for the diabetes. Had to go into town for Mum and went to Holland and Barrett and got myself some St Johns Wort see if that helps, just got home and cried my eyes out every thing seems to black at the moment yet I know my day to day life is no better or worse than normal and I usually cope fine. Still feel like I need another good cry just to get rid of this horride feeling.

Sounds like Mark has had a bad day he has text saying he is struggling today so we will both be hugging each other tonight.

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Always found exercise helped with a low day,

You are doing great though, hang in there and the bad days get fewer and fewer.

All the best



Hi Trendy

Sorry to hear you and Mark are both having a tough day - I'm sure the hugs will help both of you :D

keep going, you are doing so well.




thats rubbish. you may be in the horrible three place though that some people find they suffer with. Keep on pushing through and it gets better. xx


Hi Mel

Sorry to hear your having a low day i think we get them smoking or not. its not easy watching your mum being ill I know my mum passed away age 59 with cancer. Maybe have a nice bubble bath you and mark have nice meal and some together time. Hope you feel better soon. i take st jons wort every day I find them a great help but they take a little time to kick in.xxxxxxxx


Hi Mel :D

I'm so sorry you and Mark are both having a tough day, you're probably right about your Mum it sometimes takes a while to get the dosage right I know it took quite a while for them to get my mums right

Having a good cry can help sometimes as well,just hang in there Ok

I hope you'll feel better tomorrow


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Hi Mel, first, well done on your quits, you and mark are doing fantastic!

Im sorry you both having a bad day and a giving each other a hug will help you both to feel comforted, and when you feel like having a good cry, let it out, no-one has ever cried and not felt a little better after, x

take care, and a hug is sent for you, x



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