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Moving into day 13

Good Morning All

How are we all doing this fine smoke free morning.

I am now in my 13th day of my new and improved life as a non smoker and things are going great.

Not had many craves over the last few days and the ones I have had have been minor ones. Long may it continue:D

Hope everyone else is staying strong with their quit.

I just keep reminding myself 'never doubt your decision to quit'

Have a great day all.:D

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Hi Bob :D

Good Morning to you as well and I'm fine thankyou

On day 13 that's great well done Big Hug on it's way

I'm pleased that it's goping well for you with only a few small craves, as you said long may it continue


Marg xxxxxxxxx


Morning Bob, well done on your 13 days. You are right, never doubt your decision to stop :)

Wishing you many more smoke free weeks.



Morning Bob

Very well done on your day 13 almost into week 3 hun. so pleased things are getting a little easyer.xxxxxxxx


Afternoon Bob,

Well done on almost completing your second week. :D Keep strong and keep going.



Thanks for all the support Folks

It really helps allot to know your not in this alone.:D


Keep it up Bob, you're doing great! Remember to keep your guard up for those cravings.

You'll be on week 3 soon!


Well done Bob


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