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Hell of a weekend

Been one hell of a weekend was going to write down everything that happened, actually started and thought nope I wont, I will only bore every one. Thing is Ive had a lot of unexpected stress, rows (partly my fault) caused by the stress and a few tears but not once did I even consider a cig or want one. Think that is a first for me. I am still taking it day by day but reading everything I have on whyquit etc I think has really started to sink in more than I thought.:)

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Hi Mel :D

Well done indeed with a weekend of stress, rows and a few tears yet you didn't even consider or want a ciggie, that's brilliant Big Hug on it's way

Also a few more triggers out of the way'keep it up


Marg xxxxxxxxx


...............................and BREATH TRENDY.

Keep it calm, you know you can do this. Love J. x ;)


Well done Mel

So sorry to hear you have had a tuff weekend. Maybe something in the air ive been in tears almost every day this week few resons but mainly my son. But very pleased to say still smoke free. So we are doing great.xxxxxx


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