12 Hours In On Day Two - EBT Girl Taking It One Hour At A Time

Im twelve hours in on my second day now, this is is, this is going to be the one. Something feels different in my head :D

Taking it slowly, one hour at a time. As I am in the time warp stage and oxygen overload planet, its the only way at the moment ...

Going to take Scooter out for a walk..... my lovely and beautiful EBT... gonna post a pic of him on our group site soon :D




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  • Hi EBT it's good to see you back. I've been off for a few days and I'm back on day 2 where you are. Let's really go for it and get to that I month room together. Stay focused, stay strong and put the April Shower back on your signature please. We all need you!


  • Hey!!

    I am on day two as well.. i'm using patches. Just getting used to this site, but its good to read how other people do it.

    Sending you lots of strength and deep breaths :D


    x x x

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