No Smoking Day
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Day 1 on Champix

Hey everyone

Thank you for the messages yesterday, i feel that this site is going to be such a big help!

Well i took my first Champix this morning and it says you can smoke for the first week, well i have had one this morning and didnt actually enjoy it and i have 1 left in the box, then thats it, i wont buy anymore!

I go on holiday in 6 weeks and i am determined to be a non smoker by then, do you all think that that is a realistic goal?

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Hi lperrott:D

It's great that you didn't enjoy that fag this morning and you only have one left

So you're going on holiday in 6 weeks and ask is it realistic to think you'll be a non smoker by then

You will be a NON SMOKER from the second you put out that last fag

Just think of all the extra money you'll be able to spend


Marg xxxxx


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