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10 Months


I am past the 10 month stage!!! I wrote on here a couple of weeks ago about split personalities... cravings.... I have to remind myself, that I was suffering normal stress!!! It is so easy for an ex smoker to equate stress...with smoking.

So to anyone who read my posts and thought - oh no I will be craving cigs for the next few months let alone days, igonore me. I was being VERY stupid. I now feel totally fine, no cravings no nothing - just a calmness. I am no longer stressed you see!

I am going to bid farewell to the forum now, although I only joined it fairly recently, everyones quit experience is different, but now as a non smoker I feel there is no need to come on here, and obsess about it! Its over, done with and farewell, good luck and enjoy spending all the excess cash you will have.


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Hi Cheeky :D

Well done on 10 + months quit that's wonderful I am glad you're feeling so much better than you did a couple of weeks ago but am sad to see you go



Marg xxxxxxx

Only me!

Ok, So I said goodbye, but I think a monthly visit is in order from time to time! I'm past the 11 months stage and on the way to the YEAR! Who would have thought it?! I have had some highs and some lows, but it has been a rewarding experience. One thing this forum has taught me is that all quits are different. What works for one, will not necessary work for another. Whatever you chose stick with it! For me, Easyway really was that. After reading the book I quit after years of a 20 a day habit (40 on a night out!). I felt so energised, I felt so HIGH! Of course, the high wears off (or rather you get used to it) and there have been times I questioned my motives... but there have only be fleeting moments. I never tried to quit before but I am glad I have done it. I feel that once I reach a year I will be well on the way with my journey.

Good luck everyone.

Very well done on your 11 months. Cant wait to get there myself.

see you in a month for your year mark.xxxx

Hi Cheeky :D

Good to hear from you again 11 months quit thats great well done you


Marg xxxxxxxx

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