Day 2 off the tobacco. Woohoo!

Hi folks,

Well this morning was very difficult, and I nearly caved in. Quitting snus (Swedish smokeless tobacco) has done some very funny things to me. As you are getting far more nicotine from snus than cigarettes, your heart is used to racing on the stuff. As a result of not having any yesterday, this morning my resting heart rate was 50bpm (:eek:, it's usually 80).

Apart from this morning not many cravings really and I'm getting through my second day off tobacco without a hitch. I feel great, I swam a kilometre earlier on. :D

I got myself a week's worth of Nicorette 4mg Cinnamint gum, which is really tasty, I'd recommend.

Thanks for all your support,


3 Replies

  • Well done Rad

    Day two is good work. take each day as it comes just deal with the day your in. Things get better really soon. xxxxx

  • Hi Raddleman :D

    Glad you're feeling good on day 2 and well done on swimming a Kilometre

    Just hang in there



  • Great day 2 nearly over and a big well done, stay strong and you will soon start feeling the benefits!


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