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Week 3 day 20 !!

Can't say much, had a crap few days just thinking and thinking of the nasty things covered in white paper !! So strange after i felt so good and positive.

Good thing id NO cravings just feeling irate, miserable, abslutely shattered and fed up AGAIN. Sure it'l all pass me by and thurs i will be here on my week 4.

Good luck to absolutely everone else and if i cheer up a bit il pop on here later on to catch up on everyone else's success..

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Well done, 3 whole weeks done and dusted tomorrow.

There are highs and lows which come with quitting. They are most pronounced in the 1st 6-8 weeks and nothing to be worried about. Carry on doing what you are doing and try to get some exercise if you are not already doing so, a good work out is a great way to get shot of that feel of "bluuurrrg" if you know what I mean.




Day 20

Thank you Nic for the reply there......I am up to 3 miles on my tread mill now at a rate of 10mph which is fantastic considering my lungs couldn't take the pace at all 2 weeks ago. I know all the rubbish feelings will pass in time and it's just a horrible 4 or 5 days out of 20, just seem to be having all the rough in one go.

About you !! 2 thirds of the year gone already for you so you deserve positive feedback for your triumph too so here it is, WELL DONE to you and grateful thanks for still being here for the likes of me to give support and encouragement which is a sure great help to me......


Hi Dee dee,

Great that you have reached day 20,three weeks tomorrow,a great achievement.

Be very proud of yourself.

Sorry you are having some bad days but hang in there,I promise you it does get better.

I completed 11 weeks at the weekend and remember the stage you are at as being difficult.

Be strong,you will thank yourself for it when this bad spell goes.


Hi Dee Dee :D

3 weeks already that's wonderful well done you keep it up you'll soon be counting in months

So sorry you've had a miserable few days but as you say they will pass and soon you'll be happy again and those bad days will get fewer and fewer I promise




Hi DeeDee,

I'm on day 20 as well although I can happily say **touches wood excessivly** that it's not been too bad. Not had too many horrible cravings - some urges now and then but if they occur, I just go for a walk or a run. Been goin to the gym a lot more recently which is good for my health lol.

Doing fine since March 09 - woohoo :D


Well done Phil you are doing very well, this is the one mate ;)


**touches wood excessively** ;)


Hi Phil :D

Well done you're doing great keep it up




Well done Dee Dee & Phill

three whole weeks you will soon be in month 2. CONGRATS.xxxxxxxxxxxx


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