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No Smoking Day
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ive fallen

dont know what happened snapped at Mum over something silly then came home rang her and tried to make her feel better then dont know what happened I went and bought cigs and smoked. I rang the dr crying saying I needed help and I am going to see him on friday. Think I will see if I can try champix Ive got to do something. Im so sorry to everyone but especially myself what am i doing to my self do I think so little of myself that I want to kill myself with cigs

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Don't knock yourself, it sounds like you have had a rough time of it. And don't be sorry re us. You have done really really well, sometimes the downs can just spiral. Big hug and kiss to you xxxxxx



Hey hun, you know they say better luck next time and believe in yourself that strength will be on your side next time and you can have another try. dont punish yourself and dont be too harsh youv tried so so hard and you can use all your strength when you next feel ready xxxxx



It cant be easy for you .. sounds like you are putting yourself through the mill. Take it easy on yourself. You did 2 1/2 weeks, thats comendable in itself . If you do another couple of weeks now , then you will have only had a couple of fags in a whole month. That sounds good to me.:)

All the best



Hi Trendy :D

Woah there don't panic you're not the first and won't be the last to slip don't beat yourself up over this OK and you do not need to apologise to us we all understand Sounds as though that tiff with your Mum really upset you and you have not had an easy time of it looking after your Mum and remember love and respect works two ways

You've done 21/2 weeks so Pick yourself up, dust yourself down and start again

I failed time after time until this time so don't worry you can do this and you know we will all be here for you




Trendy-don't feel bad about it pleeeeeease:(

You managed a good few weeks-at least you gave your lungs a break, when strong enough you can try again, so don't panic-i think champix is a good idea for you-big hug sent your way xxxx


Hi Trendy,

Don't feel so bad, you've done really well to go 2 1/2 weeks considering you have so much on at the moment. I doubt i'd have lasted that long. Next time you'll be even stronger and I think Champix will help even more. You can do it!

*Hug* :)


Hi Trendy

As everyone has said don't beat yourself up about it. Up you gets and quit again. You know you can do this.

I had a little upset with my Mum last night (actually I seem to be having a few little upsets with her lately) and I come away feeling like S££$$t and a cig. By the time I get home the craving has gone. I know it isn't easy but it can be done, just give yourself some time and come back on here when you are ready, we will be here for you.

All the best

Jan xx



dont be too down on yourself you did really well.

you will be strong enough to try again and kick that nic demons ass!

Big hug for you xxxx


Thanks everyone

Still giving myself a bit of a hard time but I will be back shortly. Going to drs tomorrow to tell them what has happened and see what I can do. Ive got the right mind set but emotionally im rubbish im afraid.

Be back soon and will still read every day on here X


Be back soon

Well be waiting :)


Hey Trendy

Get back on the wagon , there will be one passing any time now.. See you on it..



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