wow day 10 never made it here before

hi guys im still here and going strongishhhh lol . my last fag was sunday the 1st of march . im on champix and finding it easier than i thought but find i think about fags all day , but dont want to go back i know if i have just one more fag ill cave in and have 10 . good luck all and keep it up there will be lots more joinng as its no smoking day . :p

did have a few screams today lol

laura xxxxxxxxx:):):)

last cancer stick 1st march 09

with champix and used inhalator a few days

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  • Hi Laura :D

    Just hang in there you're doing great on day 10 already you are through the worst and things can only get better onwards and upwards



  • Welcome, Laura and welcome to us newbies who have nothing but fags on our minds.... well most of us at least :) A lot of us get frustrated but we have smoked for a long time and can't just expect it all to just go poof... I'm just a little ahead of you and I have now days where I think about smokes only 375 times versus 987.... so you see it has lowered!! IT DOES GET BETTER and the thoughts do slowly lessen.... so hang in there..... in a few more days your physical cravings will be gone and your body won't add those triggers and thoughts! Hang in just a bit longer and you will see some good changes!!! Stay distracted, keep busy and :):)

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