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Over the first 24 hour hurdle

Hi folks,

I decided yesterday to give up the fags... again. I woke up after a night out, with 3 left in the packet from the previous night and...

By the time I was smoking the third I felt like I was forcing myself to do so, maybe it was me thinking clearly about what I was actually doing to myself or perhaps it could have been that I was feeling so rough in general that smoking was more out of 'necessity' than actual desire. Never-the-less, I persevered and finished the cig. I began thinking about making myself presentable and heading out to the shops... with, of course, the sole aim being to buy more cigarettes.

A combination of stumbling across some old (but still 'in date') nicotine patches and generally not feeling like I had the energy for the shopping journey I decided to give the big quit another go - very much unplanned and spur of the moment. That was about 2pm yesterday so I've completed the first 24 hours unscathed and am doing fine on day 2.

I actually signed up to this website to use the forums little over a year ago during my first quit attempt. I must say, I always found them to be useful and insightful for the brief period I was an active partcipant.

I have no real excuse for my return to smoking last year. I lasted around 3 months away from smoking (Jan - March(ish)) and didn't realise how much better I was feeling from doing it until I picked up the habit again. That's when I really noticed how much easier and affordable things had been. C'est la vie as the old saying goes, I shant dwell on what might have been had I stuck with the cessation process.

Anyway, I realise I have now written a little more than I had intended to on my first entry so if anyone has read the whole post, I apologise! Putting things on to paper (or the screen in this case) was definitely a good aid for me last time round so I'm giving it another bash. Incidentally, I'm 22, have smoked since I was 13 (that makes it 10 years this summer - or 'would have made it' I should say) and was on about 20 a day.

Best wishes to those of you also on day 2 or any other stage in your efforts of quitting.


P.S. I've ordered an electronic cigarette to assist with my quit (I realise this is an unapproved method, but I had a shot of one and it was surprisingly realistic). Anyone have any experience of the e-cig they'd care to share?

Cheers again.

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Hi Andy

Welcome back and good luck with your new quit. Has you prob know you will have good support and advice here so stick around and give it your best shot what have you got to lose.Linda xxxx Ps wish I had quit at 22 .


Bless ya, your reply took about 5 mins after my post which was nice, thank you! All the best to you too.



No idea what an e-cig is but can't wait for people to enlighten me..... Welcome, Andy, and great job getting through first 24 hours!! It's good to rant and rave so don't apologize for writing a lot.... write as much as you need to!!! You're a very smart 22 year old..... never even crossed my mind to quit when I was 22. Good for you!!! :)


Hi Andy :D

Welcome back and well done you on day 2 you are doing fine don't worry about failing last time and don't look back at the past, look to the future now you have quit again so start with a clean slate hate to think of the amount of times I failed over the years but as you know from before we will all help and support you as much as we can just hang in there you know you can do this

Good Luck



Thanks gang! Best wishes to you too!


I havent a clue about e cigs but there is a post in the off topic section about it, about halfway down, posted by trishy. A bit of a saddo for knowing that but I have read just about every post going! Well done and shall look out for you on day three!!


hi andy and well come back to the fourm,,con grats on you 24 hours quit ,you post on here any time you feel you need some help, just you keep the faith tony keep:D:D


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