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hi im new to the site and have stopped using champix

i have not had a ciggie for 3 days now but did cut down gradually from 40 a day to 4

i am finding it very difficult at the moment as my hubby stopped 8 weeks ago but i kept smoking a few a day

i can go for 5 or 6 days then find myself at the shop buying more i ws wondering how others dealt with this and how i can get past that milestone because i know if i do it once then ill keep doing it

thanks in advance


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Hi Laura

The first week is the toughest, i think if you could strive to get past this week then you would find things get alot easier for you.

Keep busy, have early nights...just do what ever it takes to get past this week and then i think you will finally be in a position to deal with the cravings much easily.

Champix i thought took away the cravings? so is it just a case of breaking the habit that you need to do, this is what i found hardest if im to be honest, and the way i coped with this was keeping busy and sucking lollys.

Good luck hun, post often to let us know how you are doing.

Also read and great site that will help re-educate you with regards to smoking.




Hi and welcome Laura,

I'm with Dee on this in that I too thought that Champix took the edge off. From what I've picked up from other Champix users it does assist with the initial impetus....even with hardened and prolific smokers.

Just keep on taking each day as it comes and most importantly don't smoke. It will become easier for you as it does for everyone. Also, again as Dee suggests, do something else when you feel you want a cig. That wee crave only lasts seconds unless you dwell on it. Don't dwell on it but rather do something else. Some of the cleanest houses on this planet belong to new quitters :D

Best wishes with your quit,



Hi Laura

Welcome to the forum and well done on 3 days quit you will get all the help you need on here we all help each other

Click onto some of the links in the signatures on the posts here there are plenty of them and they are really helpful

The first week is definitely the worst after that it starts to get better

I quit with the help of Champix as did others on here and had no problems with it except a little nausea sometimes in the mornings

Just take things slowly day by day even hour by hour if needs be and it really will get better soon

Good Luck



like others have said take it slowly, the champix for me helps with the cravings, but like denise i have to fight the /ritualhabit/the act of such...i have a weird thing of rubbing my hands together for a while when i get the urge....and i have the best nails cuticle oil...feel the urge rub cuticle oil in your nails...does help...well it does me....

dont look to far ahead cope with the day your are in....3 days is amazing


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