No Smoking Day


I had a really weird dream last night that was so real it was unbelievable! I dreamt that I received free samples of cigs in the mail. Not just one pack, but a whole bunch of little packs. And I smoked them! I kept telling myself it was only a dream(while I was still dreaming). When I woke up, I really thought I had smoked! I was so upset with myself! My husband asked me what was wrong and I explained. He then said, Do you have any cigs in the house? Of course I don't. Did I feel dumb, but at the same time scared because it was soooo real. Anyone else had these kind of dreams? I have not taken any NRT's the whole quit.:eek:

Quit: Jan. 18, 2009

Method: CT

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LOL, smoking dreams are very common. Almost everyone seems to get one or more!

Also its very common to wake thinking that you did smoke, I had one not that long ago, but I've had several so I just recognised it for what it is!!

Don't worry about them, but next time when you wake don't feel angry just think "Oh another smoking dream!"


Thank's Nic. I'll try it.



Hi Jody

As Nic says smoking dreams are common with most of us having them and is natural I think to wake in a panic the first time it happens

Good Luck



hi jody,as long as you only smoke in your dreams,thats all right,,they do seam so real at the time,and in the dreams you know you should not be smoking,weird things dreams,,,just keep the faith tony keep:D:D


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