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Made it..weekends still a bit rough though


Well Ive made it to Month 3. Have had 2 drags on a ciggie when very very drunk on two seperate occasions but am not beating myself up because I used to smoke 20 a day for the past 19 years and sometimes in the morning I used to chain smoke two one after the other. This was my big trigger for giving up. I feel proud and happy. I am still on full strenght nicotine patches with gum as well but I have been to see the Occupational Health Nurse at my work who has assured me that as long as its working for me and I am not smoking the this type of dual nicotine replacement is fine. When the time is right I can reduce it. She said that it is important to work on overcoming the long ingrained habit, the three weeks it takes for the nicotine to come out of my system can be fought at a later date. Three months in I feel confident that I will not cave in but the weekends are still hard though, especially lazy weekend mornings and coffee doesnt have the same buzz but Im staying strong. Its nowhere near like the madness of the first month when I literally thought I was going mad and I was thinking about it constantly. No-one seems to support me as much either. Its like even close friends and family have forgotton that Im still going through this and its still a challenge, maybe thats because they see me as the non smoker I am now.

My gums are bleeding a lot less, but still some which is annoying, I breath much more easily now and my weight has evened out. Im not gaining and Im doing more exercise. :)

Im so glad Im here. Im even gladder I found Alan Carr and this forum.


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Hey!! little scousse mouse!!:D

Well done you wow-3months you are there!!! fab fab fab!! much love xx:)

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