No Smoking Day

14 Days at 3.30 pm :)

Hi All

Nearly 14 days & not 1 ciggie! Soooo pleased. This is my 2nd attempt in 20 years smoked far too many from far too young.

First attempt I read Alan Carr & tried cold turkey but was miserable, struggling, felt like I was giving up my little friend & that no-one (especially hubby) appreciated my sacrifice! I became a secret smoker until my husband clocked his fags where disappearing fast! I totally understood the logic of the book & agreed with all of it but something just didn't click & I think it was because I felt I SHOULD give up but not that I WANTED to. Really wanted to.

This time I had shock news, my Aunt has untreatable small cell lung cancer. Hearing this news made me actually look up the disease. To be honest I NEVER read ANYTHING about smoking related disease's whilst I smoked. I knew about lung cancer etc but hadn't bothered to get the facts. Knowledge & knowing someone it's actually happening to have given me the push to realise I have to stop because not everyone is fortunate enough to get a warning. My Aunt was a confirmed smoker who would say she enjoyed it - today she says if she knew what smoking was going to do to her she never would have lit the first one. She hasn't smoked since she was diagnosed, gave it up just like that, none, after smoking probably 40 a day for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately it's too late for her :( But it's not for me, hopefully.

I am using patches & feel fine. Today i actually feel GREAT!

I pity smokers now & know that I will NEVER smoke again. I just don't need to light up. I realise I need to wean myself off the patches but hey, if I can get this far with my head still straight & no desire, I can get off them as well. As Alan Carr says, it's all in the sleep for 8 hours a night & the withdrawals don't wake you up.

Using the patches has given me the time to get my head round the brain washing. I can't believe I didn't do it sooner.

Keep it up everyone......can we do it? YES WE CAN lol ;)

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I am sorry about your auntie but congratulations on your efforts, keep up the good work!


I too failed after 6 months of giving up, on Allen Carr. I then had lost all faith in NRT and Allen Carr so didn't know which way to turn. Did it this time with my local chemists support of a fortnightly blow into something that tests carbon and NRT. Think I would have failed if I had not found this forum on day one. This, I am certain, is the thing that flicked my mental switch! And devoting my time to supporting others on here reinforces why I quit. The NRT kind of helped though I am on day 15 and intend to get rid of them buy weaning myself off them this week. Well done for coming so far and keep going!!


Hi Wonderlungs :D

You are doing great 14 days already you will find now that it will only get better all you have to do is read, read and then read some more, and just hang in there

The bit at the bottom of your post rang a bell I used to have my granddaughter 4 times a week before she went to school and always watched Bob the Builder with her he used to say it What a great motto for all of us on this forum

Good Luck



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