No Smoking Day

The edge of doom?!

Just over five weeks in now, and spent last night with some friends, two of them were 20/day smokers, and they quit about 17 months ago.

We were talking about our experiences (mine are somewhat limited to theirs), but they did emphase on the fact that in the first couple of months, they have never felt so ill. By ill they meant coughs and colds, that sort of thing.

I have read many posts on people developing coughs etc. and it being the bodies way of ridding itself of the crap etc.

I haven't had a cough, blocked nose etc., in fact my breathing aparatus have never felt better (big breaths please).

So am I sitting on the edge of doom, waiting for the cough/cold from hell? and if it doesn't come, where is all the sh*t that i'm meant to be dispelling from my system?

What's my body done with it all:confused:

Wish me luck ;)

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hi lozza

Not everybody gets the cough thing, lungs have amazing ways of cleaning themselves, some of the tar will be reabsorbed into your bloodstream and lymphatic system, which you will not notice so much. It takes the body years to get rid of tar and crap accumulated over the years of smoking.

A dry cough can occur in week 6-8 when the small ciliated hairs grow back in the mucous membrane of your oesophagus, which can cause slight irritation to begin with, i have heard from some forum members that as ex smokers we can suffer up to 3 years with throat infections:eek:

just count yourself lucky xx


Thanks folks, going to start jogging next week, that should rattle things up a bit!

BB, your 'cold eye' could be a trapped nerve somewhere, neck perhaps. If you spend a lot of time on the keyboard, check how your sitting. Optician might help, they've got all those funny gadgets for looking behind eyes etc.

Back to my gunge, still wondering where it is :eek:


hi lozza. well done with 5 weeks you are doing great. dont worry 2 much about not having a cough etc i am in week 12 now and not had this cough that everyone seems to get. We must get rid of the crap in otherways. Janet xxxxxx


'swallowed and obliterated by your stomach acids'

Is that why i got bloated and had poo problems!!!!! a bit direct sorry xxxxxx

sorry not sure how to show a quote from another person.


Hi Lozza

Well done you are doing great don't worry about not coughing up gunge I haven't either and consider myself lucky

Maybe your friends are having you on a bit some people think that sort of thing is funny Our bodies are pretty good at adjusting to the abuse we give them and also at healing as well and we all react to things differently after all

Hi Jim

If your Dr won't take you seriously go to your optician he will after all eyes are his/her business this could be a trapped nerve as Lozza suggests but it could be anything or nothing but get it checked out at least for your peace of mind Last year mine reacted fast and got me a hospital appointment for 2 days later as had very bad heads which woke me turned out to be a brain absess so it was lucky I went to him

All the best to you both



This is gross, thank god I had tea long ago.

Janet, with you on the initial poo problems, uggh. Well guess it's true when they say the crap comes out one end of another (do they say that, no I think I made it up?)

Here's to not coughing :D

BB, try a massage, reeeallly relaxing.

Going for a glass of wine now. Cheers :)


Amateur smoker. I spent 20 years trying to get it right! No-one told me to inhale. LOL.


See the quote thing, thanks.

Dinner? What country?



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