No Smoking Day
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Lycra and loving it!!

Well its my next stage of the quit-getting fit


Addiction-What addiction?

Detox-working on it

So today was my induction day at the gym, the next stage of my 'quit' was to get fit and healthy.

So with great intrepidation i set the alarm for 6.15a.m to get to the gym, (they could only fit my induction in at 7.a.m this morning, bar stewards!). I was all lycra'd up -abit like the scene of a dodgy 80s' fitness video!

First stage of my gym experience was to work out how to get in using my swipe card!! after the 5th attempt a bronzed braun god helped me, blushing i tripped over my shoe lace with my arse up in the air, did the looking around thing to check if any-one saw-and they did, :eek:

Then struggled with the lockers-why can't things be easy?? knackered already!!

Entered the GYM and waited nervously by the testosterone sweaty smelling desk.

A friendly boy (god I'm getting old) introduced himself as my personnal trainer for the morning (MORNING-I only want to be here for an hour) and did a consultation-explained i stopped smoking and wanted some cardiac training to cleanse the lungs-to my horror, the lovely fit looking 'boy' then stated HE WISHED HE COULD STOP SMOKING!!!! well after that i felt quite superior, he may look fit but was busy killing himself, sad really :confused:

So that was my first day at the gym, did 30 mins jog, 15mins bike, 15mins cross trainer and lots of weights for my arse-and felt bloody good actually- I would never had the nerve to do that as a smoker through fear of coughing my guts up!!

so looking forward to the Sunday session-quit is just doing great!!;)

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I was all lycra'd up -abit like the scene of a dodgy 80s' fitness video!


Picture please!!!!:eek: ;) :D

(its good to be pervin again!!!!)


Well done shabba, good on you for showing up that personal trainer lol. There's no stopping you now, you go girl:D. I'm joining a gym on Monday and I can't wait because before the fags were killing me I was actually a keep fit maniac, they'll be kicking me out at closing time:p


Well done Shabba and Yvette,love your new healthy life.


Hi Shabba and Yvette :D :D

Well done both of you Shabba what do you mean you felt superior to that boy you are superior you silly girl ;)

Anyway glad you enjoyed it

Yvette you enjoy as well on Monday :)

Goodluck to you both



Thanks everyone!!

especially you Mummy M xxxx


You are very welcome Shabba :D :D

Love Mummy M xxxxxxxx


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