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Hi, My name is Joan , I am Dereks wife, he has been a heavy smoker for over 45years smoking around 40 a day. I found this forum and read about people quitting which I realy admire. I then bought my husband the book that was advised to get and also made an appt for the docs for him to start Champix, this he has been taking for 19days, he is still smoking 10 a day, is this normal or should he stop alltogether, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!!

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he should have stopped smoking by now, its says on the instructions to stop between days 8 - 14.........

has his quit nurse or doc given him any advice or support,?

they wont usally prescibe more champix unless youve stopped....


Re help!

Thanks for the message, my husband works away from home Monday to Friday, so sees the doc on a Saturday morning, he went last week which was the first time since starting the Champix, the doc further prescribed 4 more weeks of Champix, my husband told me that the doc was pleased with him.I am rather confused, as like you say when I read the leaflet it said that you had to pack in by the 14th day, so for some reason he is still smoking, my concern is that the doc is ok about it, has anyone experienced the same. He is now smoking 10 a day and he seems to think that is good.




i was also on champix and in truth in the first week i still smoked as normal.

i found that i expected champix to be a miracle cure and the smoking cravings would just go away but it does not.

so on the second week of my quit i decided no smoking and to give the chance for the champix to work.

in truth you either want to give up smoking or your not 100% commited to that fact and i had cheated by thinking that smoking and champix would go hand in hand and still allow me to smoke and slowley me wanting to smoke would disapear.

but that does not happen.

throw away the ciggies and say no more smoking and use the pills as they were disigned to be used as an aid to giving up smoking and to help take the cravings away.




Hi Joan,

Welcome to the forum. Kinda strange situation that we are supporting somebody who is doing the support. Well, them's the breaks.

Gonna sound pretty harsh and I'm sorry for that - just prove me wrong if you're offended. Does he actually want to quit? Is he just going through the machinations for you. It could be time to have that full and frank conversation :eek:

It's often difficult for guys who spend a lot of time away from the family home working. They do the work and they finish, and they aren't at home, and then what's to do...get pished. He's probably bored with that. But then what does he fill his time with?

What I'm trying to say in my clunky way is that the man needs to stop for himself.



Hi Joan

Welcome to the forum he really should have stopped by now with the Champix.I really do not understand the Dr giving him more if he had not quit

My Dr only gave me one pack at a time did he tell Dr he had not stopped completly do you know he really should be stopped altogether by now I would not have thought the Dr would be OK about it maybe you could ask the Dr if he nows your hubby is still smoking he is really the only one who can help



Thanks to everyone for the replies to my recent thread., comments noted.

One of the reasons I am writing on my husbands behalf is that he is not

familiar on a computer . I have this morning spoke to our doctor who advises

me, Ok! you should set yourself a cut off date to pack in but this is not cast

in stone, every individual is different, he did say that he is going the right way

ie.. from over 40 a day to around 8, so hopefully he will stop in the near

future, Thank you fo rthe positive threads.




Thanks for your update.

Good to hear that your doctor is understanding and continues supporting your husband in his quit. Do please come back here and post up updates along with any question and I'm sure we'll do our best to also support and answer you both.



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