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Hello Everyone :)


Hi All

I'm new so thought Id say hello & jot down why I'm quitting etc. It'll be nice to have it written down to look back at if I have a dark moment of weakness ;)

I've smoked for 20 years gradually increasing from 10 to 20 a day. I have an aunt who has been diagnosed with small cell lung cancer which is so advanced they are not offering treatment. This has scared the life out of me as I always convinced myself I'd get a warning then I'd give up. Having researched this killer cancer I now know most people don't know they've got it until it's too late.

I quit on Monday 9th Feb 09 at 3.30 pm. Found some patches in the cupboard & went for it. Day 10 & has been ok. Finding it hard to break the habit, patches taking care of the withdrawals but keep thinking 'I'll have a fag' & then realise I'm not smoking no more :rolleyes: Loving the taste of food, realising how many of my clothes stink of fags, feeling sorry for all the smokers out in the cold chuffing. Glad to have found this forum as really feel the need to talk about it!

Congrats to everyone whose jacked it as well. Hopefully I can last the year, apparently that's when you've basically done it?


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Hello and welcome to the forum

A good place to rant and rave-sometimes not even about smoking may i add!!!!

You have made the best decision in your life-especially with the families medical history-well done you!!

post and read often xx

well come to the fourm,,sorry to here about your aunt,,how are you holding up,,i know its hard to take in but you have to be strong,,if any has a reason for give up smoking its you ,,lots of us on her have lost loved ones through smoking,,so we understand were you are coming from,,just keep posting on here for any help you need,,great bunch on here,,,like i say you just keep the faith tony keep:D:D

ps congrats on your quit

Yes - well done on your quit! You will find lots of support and encouragement on here. And proof that it can be done! The key is to read lots so you understand your addiction. And come on here when you get a craving - we'll soon put you off ever lighting up again!

Hi Wonder Lungs

Welcome to the forum 10 days quit is great you are doing really well and we will help all we can read anything you can find as this helps a lot we all help each other we share the ups and the downs and no one minds if you have a rant or whatever so sorry about your Aunt not much we can do but we are here for you any time


Hi All

Thanks for your replies of support & encouragement!

I intend to make full use of this forum as I am determined never to smoke again, even though the more days that pass the harder it's getting to break the habit, your all an inspiration as you've all been able to do it!

Hopefully I'll be able to help others once I've done it myself!

WL, you have done it, you're not smoking, hence and therefore...

It does get a lot easier but expect triggers and bad days, I feel great and have barely thought about smoking for the last week or so but I did have times I could think of nothing else, perhaps that's where you are now.

A lot on here who have used NRT have cut it down and got rid fairly quickly and it seems like it gave them an extra boost. But do what you gotta do and keep reminding yourself of all the advantages of not smoking and remember there are no advantages at all by smoking.

Use the links in peoples sigs to educate yourself - it really does help, try this one below, I like it:D

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