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Day 4 - how good is it !


Well, firstly hi, am new to the forum but must say this forum has helped me immensely, so thanks to all how are on here.

Day 4 and I feel liberated, am on champix and stopped day 15.

I had tried so many times to stop and could never do it, the cravings and withdrawals have seen me go back.

This time the tabs have done the trick.

Already I feel like I can breathe easier, I feel more alert and feel like I have my passion for life back - I'm actually interested in doing stuff that doesn't revolve around smoking/and the opportunity to smoke.

It's like being released from something that has such a hold over you.

all i'm doing now is focusing 100% on the future, get my health back, my fitness, spend the money saved on positive things.

To see the joy on my children's faces is so worth it.

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Well done and welcome

Day 4 is great work some find the first week very hard but you sound on top of the world. CONGRATS. Come and join us you will have great advice and support. Linda xxxx

Thanks, it has been hard on the odd occasion for sure but since the withdrawal/cravings are under control through the tablets and more than manageable it's just left me to find other things to do to bust the habit. Now I can't believe I spent so much time sitting around smoking things that were expensive, no good, made me smell and took me away from the important things in life.

Already i've taken my kids on 4 walks in 2 days, and taken them to the park 3times.

I have freed myself, not given anything up.....

Hi Gstar

Welcome and well done 4 days is good I also used champix to help it succeeded where nothing ever had before things will start to get easier now that the nicotine is out of your system

Good luck to you

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