No Smoking Day

Nicorette Inhalator

Does anyone think that these inhalers once opened and sucked on a couple of times if you go back to it in a hour or couple of hours it tastes like a old dimp ? Also when you empty the coffee dregs out of the coffee maker it smells like a ashtray not tried rolling it yet but felt like it sometimes :D

Hope your quit is going ok and thanks for your feedback :D

Keep the faith :cool:

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Hi Clive

You make me laugh. Never used nrt only patches once on my first quit almost 2 years ago now. But my partner used them and said they tasted rank also please dont try rolling the coffee im sure it will taste terreble HEHE. xxxxxxxxx



Glad I make you laugh tell hubby cheers I didn't know if it was just me.

And as far as the coffee goes ,the price of it now it would be cheaper to smoke :D

Hope your quit is going strong .

Keep the faith :cool:


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