No Smoking Day

Temptation Day

It's day 25 for me. I gave up smoking on the spare of the moment. I always had a vague plan to quit but never got round to it. Then one evening I found coughing my lungs out and trying to inhale tobacco smoke at the same time. I decided I'd had enough and gathered up the tobacco, hand rolling papers and lighters and shoved them in the back of a cupboard. I never went near them until today. Knowing that the tobacco was still there made me feel a little less desperate on one level. Except that I also knew that leaving it there meant I was bound to want to smoke it sooner or later - and that would probably be on a day that I felt most stressed.

Well it's been hard week and today was the day. I went to the cupboard and rolled up a cigarette. I studied it for a while and I swear I got a pain the chest just thinking about smoking. So I put the cigarette, tobacco and papers in a baking tray and had a little bonfire in the kitchen. That's it, I feel quite pleased with myself. As if I've become a bona fide quitter instead of someone who is just practicing giving up for a while to see if I can handle it or not.


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Hi Philip

well done on two counts

1/ 25 days quit is great

2/ Having a little bonfire of a fag you had rolled,bacca and papers well done you

You should feel very pleased with yourself not to mention proud give yourself a pat on the back

All the best



Well done Philip, I've got 7 sleeves of fags to get rid of but I don't want to make them into a bonfire, I'm hoping to sell them lol.


I sold all my fags at the market yesterday:D. I felt quite bad selling them on but didn't want to just throw them away either.


I know.. I have 3 packs in my draw.. they cost alot of $$$ I also have an open pack with 1 cig in it.. I do look at it sometimes.. and smell it.. and I put it back..

I always said that "When i am done with this pack i'll stop"... well that was about 3,000 packs ago.. and it never worked.. so leaving one.. reminds me that i am not smoking the last one..


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