No Smoking Day

Another day another cougher

Hi all.My first day on here but it is actually day 26 of no smoking.

My story...I've smoked for 30 years as few as 5 a day to 30 a day but only once gave up for 4 days.

About 4 weeks ago I got the dreaded man flu and it was embarrasing.I coughed and spluttered my way through a meeting with a fairly important customer.I took benelin and paracetomol to clear the cold which went after about a week.

I have had the usual smokers cough for a few years now and like most people always said I would quit one day,but now realised I need to quit before I get something really nasty.Anyway I couldn't bear the thought of never having a ciggie again so I just take it day. So on day one (14 Jan 2009) I started with NRT lozenges and have been using them since,about 5 a day.

So far so good but as I am writing this I could murder a cig.I still have the cough but not as bad and keep thinking why isnt it going which is what brought me to this site really.

My worst time is when I have a few beers I'm so tempted to just have one cig with a mate of mine but so far have resisted.I can't say my taste has improved other than I'm not sure I like the taste of beer anymore (strange) but I will carry on and post again even if I falter,which is always a possibility.

Anway enough of my inane drivveling I'm off for a lozenge.

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Hi Johnboy and welcome to the forum.

Some if not most of the longer term quitters on here seem to agree that whatever gets you over the first few days is great, e.g. NRT, Cold Turkey, Champix etc, but what helps you to stay on the correct path is Knowledge.

Knowledge abotu quitting, nicotine, addiction , what to expect at various times during your quit etc.

One of the best ways to gain this knowledge is to have a read on whyquit (link in my signature). There are heaps of information on there.

After that you can get inspiration by reading some of the stories on woofmang. :D

good luck.


Welcome johnboy

congrats on your quit so far your doing great. your over the worse now and things will get much better really soon. Have a good read of tkdJohns link you will find some really good info in there. Good luck hope to see a lot more of you. Linda


Hi Johnboy,

Well done on stopping smoking, looking forward to hearing more from you. As you rightly said, take one day at a time.

Take care,



Hi Johnboy

Welcome to the forum and well done on 26 days quit you're doing really well just take it a day at a time anyone who comes on here is told read read and then read some more and it really does work the more you learn the less you want to smoke

Best wishes



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