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day 20, less sleep

hi all

Day 20 and still feeling great, laughing a lot more I dont waste any of my time now, I definately have more energy. so far so good.

Ive noticed I dont need as much sleep not sure if this is because of not smoking or maybe my age lol. when I first stopped i was waking a lot during the night as were a lot of you but I would always catch up, i.e nap in the afternoon if not at work, but now 6-7 hrs sleep gets me through the day. might just be one of those things or have any of you experienced the same.


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Hi Billyc

Not a very good sleeper smoking or not so cant really help. But just wanted to say congrats almost 3 weeks your doing fab and sound like your on top form well done.xxxxxxx


Hi Billy :)

Wll done on 3 weeks stopped you are doing great keep it up

I found I was sleepy at the start of my quit if sat with a book or telly that was it i would soon nod off


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