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Thank you

Just wanted to post a thank you to all on forum. I have been reading for past 17 days and it has helped me so much. Tomorrow at 2:30 pm I will start my 4th week of my quit. I always put off quitting because everyone said it was so hard and they usually went back to smoking. I smoked for 35 years, 1 to 2 packs a day. Decided to quit. After all, one of my biggest fears was failure, and I figure if I fail, I'll just try again. Well, so far, this has not been so hard. Just have to take it a day at a time. Cravings are almost completely gone and the ones I do have last no more than a few seconds. I quit CT. Couldn't see putting nicotine in when that was the point of quitting (getting nicotine free). I'm still waiting for the hard part of quitting, which I'm sure will come when I least expect it, but I don't want to smoke anymore and I don't feel the need to smoke anymore. Still have my list of pros and cons to quitting on the frig to re-read when needed (there really were not any cons, just fears). And I can read in the forum anytime I feel I need support! Again thank you everyone for sharing your quit.

Quit date: Jan. 18, 2009


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day 11

I would like to thank everyone toooooooo..... brilliant site

Day 11 he he he



Well done Both of you most welcome.

This is a great place for support and advice after all we are all doing the same thing. Your both past the worse times just take things day by day. Also dont forget to treat your self now and again.xxxxxxx


Hi Jody

Welcome and well done 3 weeks quit I if you are in the right frame of mind quitting can be fairly easy I failed every attempt but this one

You will find on here that we all help each other giving what advice we can

Best wishes


Well done you....!! in fact well done to everybody on this forum, you have all been blooming fabulous!!:p


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