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Day 34

hi all

im on day 34 ..have good days as well as bad ones not having a good one today for some reason all i think about is having a ciggie. just had a loz and it eases for a while.. when will it go away must admit though no where near as bad as the first 2 weeks of quitting. never want to go through that again have started dieting a week ago lost two pounds so far.. i was on the patches but they were causing my skin to burn and itch so have now decided to stick to the gum or losanges .. had about 4 cravings today lasting about 5-10 minutes.. god there horrible..probably have a good day tomorrow sorry to winge folks:o

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Whinging is what we are here for... who else is going to listen and understand?

You're right about the good day/bad day thing, and it's rare to get 2 bad days together :D

They will gradually ease, I'm just approaching the end of my fifth month and I honestly can't remember the last time I had more than a brief thought of smoking.

Day 34 is pretty awesome... so tomorrow, when you're feeling a bit better... have a little treat to celebrate :D


thanks so much

hi stuart thanks so much for you reply.. five months wow!! i dont intend to give in to my craving,, couldnt go back to being a smoker now. not after all this.. one thing i have noticed though i no longer use my inhaler.. can now run up the stairs without collapsing into a heap. i go for a walk in my lunch hour now .. no where special i just walk take in the air.. never did that when i smoked. have got my self wii and have started exercising with that. how does it feel at the five month mark?? :)


how does it feel at the five month mark?? :)

Pretty awesome to be honest. I recently watched a video of me playing with my little boy, recorded on his second birthday last July.... we were just running around and being silly.

Every few minutes I stood there with my hands on my knees panting for breath.

I had problems with my sinuses for years, also mouth ulcers.. I could have twenty at a time and they never went away! I hardly ate, and had no energy.

I'm a new man! I play football twice a week and can run for 45 minutes no problem. I play with my son and thoroughly enjoy riding my new bike! My mouth ulcers and sinus problems are history and my appetite is back. I am full of energy.

And most of all.... I am free. I don't even want to smoke anymore :D

Stick with it, it is so worth it you won't beleive!


Hello Peanuts

Please don't apologise we all have a winge from time to time

as for the cravings they will gradually stop as you get further into your quit

I am just finishing week 11 and like Stuart hardly ever even give fags a thought any more

34 days is great keep going the benefits of not smoking are brilliant

Best wishes



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