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Helping Others

My Sis in Law has been in hospital for about 10 days, she has Crohns disease, like my diabetes the advice is to stop smoking, I would like to help her but I'm unsure how, I don't know if she would use this forum so should I just print off scary sh1t and post it to her :p

I also considered smoking horses heads on her pillow - is that too extreme - perhaps dead peoples bowel's would be more subtle:confused:

I may be taking the p1ss a bit but I am serious, if it was me other SIL I would be looking for ways to accelerate her new disease and I am serious, she is that much of a scumbag:eek:

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We had a similar discussion not too long ago... I think that trying to persuade is not going to work, remember when people tried to tell you to quit? Exactly.

Ask her what harm reading some indisputable facts can do... then point her towards Possibly the best first port of call anywhere!

After that has scared her silly, point her at woofmang for some inspiration. It can be beaten after all.

Then see if she will use the forum for help and advice :)

Most of all though, whatever decision she makes.... do not try and force her hand, she will resent you.

And of course, be there whatever she decides.

All the best to her (and you!).


Hi John

I agree with Stuart do not try to persuade her or tell her it is for her own good neither will work she will just dig her heels in I know I did

Yes try to get her to read such things as why quit or whatever if she won't go for that try to get her to browse this forum for a while and then maybe will think it is all her idea especially if you can get her do it with you

But above all be there for her and support what must be her decision

All the best


Helping others

This is my first post. I was a smoker for 35 years and am on my 20th day of quit. No one could persuade me to quit, the opposite would happen if they tried! I would just smoke more. It has to be your own decision, but once the decision is made, this forum is the best thing ever! I have been on here every day since I found it (probably day 3 of quit) and it has really helped. Thank you all!


Hi John

Has the others have said only she can decide what to do but just show her how well your doing and tell her you will help her if she wants it. Lovely of you to be thinking of her by the way.xxxxx

Hi Jody

Welcome to the site its a great place to be for support and help.xxxxx


Thanks everyone, I know what you're all saying about trying to force her hand and that's why I asked really.

BB, she hadn't smoked for 2 days when she went in because she was that unwell, after she was in for a few days she was stabilised and up on her feet. So after 5 days without smoking and being told that she most likely had a disease that 'doesn't like' smoking she lit up again :confused: (it seems ridiculous but as ex smokers we can fully understand)

Anyway she got out of hosp on Monday, they are still undecided on the diagnosis, went out on Friday night on the booze and is now back in hospital. I'll maybe print off some light reading for her :D



Dont really know what to say. But do know its not nice when people are ill and not helping them selfs. Give her the print out cant do any harm. Let us know how things go.xxxxx


Hi John,

Think everyone has said what was in my thoughts, good luck hun, try not to be hard on yourself if she doesnt listen.




Ta all, It seems they still aren't 100% what's wrong but it's something in her bowel, not sure about the effects of alchohol but when she was unsure of a diagnosis and was only out of the hosp I thought it was a foolish thing to do. She was in theatre today so I'll find out more later.

Oh it's me wife's sis BB, not me Bro's wife:o not that it makes any difference :cool:



Let us know how she is mate hope alls well. Give your wife my best bet shes worried love her.xxxx


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