Day 19! Woo Hoo!

Well just to give a bit of hope to everyone - I have never quit for this long before. Was prescribed champix by the doctors, went from 20 a day to 4 overnight and I have now not smoked for 19 days. The strange thing is I dont even think about smoking any more.

Good luck everyone and keep up the good work - hopefully I will be making a post in the 4 week forums soon :D

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  • well done:D

  • Great stuff kjarva

    Well done hun, you are doing so well, almost at the end of 3 weeks and then a month will be just around the corner.



  • Well done you-a great inspiration to newbies xx:)

  • Excellent, before you know it you'll be counting in months!!

  • Great going keep it up.....:D

  • Brilliant result! Can't wait to hear that you have reached a month :D

  • Hi Kjavr

    Well done on quitting

    I also used champix and succeeded am on week 11 now and feeling great just keep going

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