No Smoking Day

getting there !

Hello all ,

Hope everyone is doing well in the quits !!

Well i have had a copd check today and i have the lung age of a 55 year old :eek: i also have very mild copd lucky i gave up when i did another couple of years and i don't think i would have got away with it so lightly so anyway they have given me steriods and a inhaler and am to see how i go !! On a much better note though i hit my 5 month milestone on 1st feb and hit my £1,600.00 mark today .

To all of those people who are finding it hard at the minute keep being strong and keep going you can do this and you are doing it dont let that stupid nicodemon undo all the work you have put in so far .

Tracey x

I have been quit for 5 Months, 1 Day, 6 hours, 55 minutes and 37 seconds (154 days). I have saved £1,604.59 by not smoking 6,171 cigarettes. I have saved 3 Weeks, 10 hours and 15 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 01/09/2008 07:00:p

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Well done Tracey Five months thats brilliant keep it up .




Sorry to hear about the copd, but at least it isn't going to get any worse now!

Congrats on 5 months, awesome quitting :D


Well done Tracey keep it up:D


Well done!!!!

Apparently, our lung function improves from 3-9 months of stopping smoking so maybe you will see an improvement there!

Thank goodness you stopped when you did - good for you!

Lisa xx


Go Tracey!!

Great work, I hope there is some improvement with the lungs and as you say, it would have been so much worse if you hadn't stopped when you did.




That is great stuff Tracey :) Well done!! Like others have said sorry to hear about the results but at least they are not going to get any worst now.




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