No Smoking Day


However not in the way everyone would think.... I did not smoke... but

I was outside (going for a snack) and ran into this girl I work with (she smokes)... stopped to chat with her briefly... she was smoking and she offered me a candy... I thought why not... and started eating it... walking away... but after about 2 minutes I noticed that the candy tasted odd.... a taste I had never had before to be sure.... but I kept sucking away at it since I have a sweet tooth.... lol..... I got some fruits... ate them and later went out to stretch my legs... and there she was smoking again.... so she offered me another candy... and DAMN it was a stop smoking candy with NICOTINE!!!!! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......... well by the early afternoon I was ready to kill for more nicotine.... She did not know that I had stopped.... which doesn't make what she did better..... I told her off to say the least..... her comment was that I (like everyone ALWAYS) will fail.... So I fought back the cravings (not as bad as the first 3-4 days but still) for 3 days (the entire weekend) and feel alright again this morning... Can't wait to see her so I can RUB it in her smelly face... So it is possible to recover, but it is not easy and you really have to want it.... DO NOT DO IT....

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Sorry for your unhappy experience but at least you beat the cravings off well done

I cant help but wonder if she didn't know you had quit how this is completely her fault maybe you should check what you are being offered before taking it

her comment that you wpied fail was cruel but it did help you to fight back so maybe in a funny sort of way she helped you


I had no issue taking it

because I work in a hospital and she is a nurse... so I saw no reason to mistrust her... yes that makes it worse... but there you have it...


That is an awful story :eek: Poor you but well done on beating it (again). She must be rather odd, bit like drug pushing (actually just like drug pushing!)


IMHO, offering someone, whether you are a smoker or not, "candy" with nicotine (or any other drug) in and not telling them is wrong!

Well done for beating the craving, I must say I have wondered what the effect of having a nicotine lozenge after several months nicotine free would be, but I wouldn't chance it and I wouldn't expect anyone else to lead me into chancing it, either.

BTW you will not fail, and any time you think you might just picture yourself laughing in her face the next time she suggests such a thing.

Stay strong



That's weird. What a strange thing to do - offer someone a stop smoking sweet. She is strange


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