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No Smoking Day
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Heading Nicely into Month Four!!

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all well and enjoying the snow!!

Well, this is month four and the 25th of February will be four calendar months and am I glad about that!

I have never felt so well in all my born days.

Stopping smoking has acted like a calalyst in having a new found respect for my body. I now exercise for an hour everyday and go on long walks at the weekend; I have stopped drinking alcohol during the week; I have eating much more healthy food and I have lost 12lbs in weight!!!! I have never had this much energy. Smoking must have had a really negative effect on my body and brain.

Yesterday I went to mums house, she had left a cigarette in the ashtray along with a lighter. I am still puzzled by cigarettes!! I put it in my mouth and pondered how easy it would be to light it but the taste and smell was overwhelmingly vile. I also asked what the reason would be to light the ciggie, to smoke.

I came to the startling conclusion that I now have no reason on this planet to ever smoke again and will never have a reason - no matter what happens.

I used to smoke because I had to - I was addicted, now I am not. Simple!

I love being clean and green and would never dream of slowly suffocating myself again.

And I have so much money to spend!

I must say in all honesty I have never been happier and love not smoking!

There is one down side: on a mission to get fit I have been exercising and working my body like there is no tomorrow and so I noticed my ankle was swollen and my foot ached. I went to the doctors and she told me I have flat feet!!!!!!!!!!! So now I wear big fat insoles to help!!!!! They cost more than my shoes did!!!

Oh well, you can't have everything.....there goes my army career in tatters...........:rolleyes::D

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Hi Lisa

Well done on your achievment 4 months, glad you feel so well i also feel well and like you know i will never smoke again i will hit 3 calander months on 17th so not far behind you :D


Congratulations, Lisa.

4 months is great :D


Yay well done lisa , keep going you are doing fab !!!

Tracey x


Well done Lisa, great news reading month 4 :)




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