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No Smoking Day
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What helped you?

There are many threads giving tips.... but what things have helped you? What would you say to your mate.... you need to do _________ , it will help!

In no particular order the things that have helped me are...

Champix - I have no doubt that for the first few days/couple of weeks the magic tablets helped a lot. They do wonders for the physical stuff, but nothing for the psychological. They are not a magic cure, but they certainly helped me get control in the early days.

Walking - I walked many miles a day for the first couple of months. 15 minutes several times a day. I am lucky enough to live a few yards from open fields and a beautiful beach. Fresh air and walking to re-focus. Fantastic! I still do it now and then when I need or want to. I love walking!

Diary - I started a diary 1 week before day 1 and filling it in helps me to get my thoughts clear in my own head. Referring back reminds me how far I have come. I still haven't missed a day, even if it is only to say "that was an easy day - 0 craves".

Chewing gum/sweets - Sugar free gum/sweets helped a lot as something to do during the first month or so.

Confronting the craves - Instead of trying to hide from them, confronting them and welcoming them as part of the healing process helped them to pass more quickly.

EDUCATION The single most important thing. Learning about me and my addiction, as well as what to expect during the process has helped me to make sure that I know what to expect... and also whether what I am experiencing is "normal" has made this possible. Without it, I wouldn't still be quit. Simple. I think I would have taken Champix until the end of the 12 week course instead of finishing early and then promptly started smoking again. By knowing myself better, I was able to come off the pills and not only stay quit.... but have a stronger quit without them. The rewards of going it alone are amazing!

Support - Whether from this forum or from family and friends is very important. Also, without the support from this forum I would never have found the education method or the links to the places to start.

I can't think of anything else off the top of my head...

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Re-educating myself into the reasons why i smoked was the big thing for me, it really has helped me change my opinion on ciggys. I no longer see them as something pleasant or enjoyable but something i paid thousands for over the years to poison my mind and body.

Chewing gum and lollys have kept my mouth and hand busy which has helped a bit with the psychological effects.

Keeping Busy. During the first 2 weeks i spent as much time as i could busy and out the home, this really did help. I found as soon as i got home and was relaxing in the evening the mad missing my friend thoughts would begin, still do have them but not as bad.

Good post will be interesting to see how others have got through it. I have now started a diary as i think this will be something i can reflect back on which hopefully will keep me spurred on.




For me it was focussing on my reasons:

1. I need the money to keep my horse!

2. I want to live longer - I want to still be fit enough to walk my dog when I am in my seventies. Unlikely if I carry on smoking.

Also I kept busy - usually busy on here! Reading everyone's posts and the info from the recommended websites.

Oh and choccie fingers with a cuppa instead of a ciggie!!


1st week or 2 was "Nobby's Sweet Chilli Peanuts" or fizzy colas bottles or refreshers basically anything that got my saliva glands going!

Reading, and this place were a the single most important thing though. But my martial arts helped tremendously in venting my frustrated feelings and fitness in general helped keep my spirits up.


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