No Smoking Day

1 month !!!!!!!

Hi everyone 1 month today can't believe it i have not been on here as much as i'd like to because of my prolapsed disc the pain is severe and i can't really sit, i have the operation on thursday which im still terrified about and get very tearful over i remember the last time i quit (last year for about 7 months)i was counting every day and getting really excited and feeling very proud of myself but this quit is diffferent i am so down in myself but am determined not to start smoking again i have no desire (well sometimes ) very few urges but don't feel upbeat about it ,Sorry have just read that back and it sounds quite depressing think i have got so much on my mind at the moment ie christmas ,how will children cope with me in hospital ,how i will be after surgery or will i spoil christmas for everyone .The only good thing is that for once smoking is on the very bottom of my priority list .Hope everyone is doing well and for the people who have yet to quit go for it !! x x

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well done Tatty.

Good luck with the operation.

Of course they will cope, they have to, and we humans are great when put into situations like that!!

As for ruining Christmas, that's not likely, its about have your family around you and you'll be there. Think of it this way as well by quitting you're increasing the likely hood of many more Christmases!

Best wishes



Hi thanks for your reply dont know whats got in to me today very weepy ,i dont normally allow myself to become this down must be having one of those days , i know everyone will cope and if i cant do much at christmas then i have a very understanding family who will be great, apart from when they said we will bring your christmas dinner to you( we go to my mams every year )then we will go to the pub i think/hope they were joking!!!! x claire x


Good luck with the operation and everything else - don't worry too much about the family, they will be fine - they will cope because they have to.

Getting better is yours and their first priority - and they will understand that.

Hearty congratulations on getting to the end of your first month in these difficult circumstances - it will help you heal better and feel better after the operation, and for the rest of your life.


Hi Tatty

I also agree with the boys. Everyone will be fine and I bet it will turn out to be a great christmas. Just think after the op you will not need to go outside for a puff. Good luck babe try and come back soon as poss to let us know your ok. Lots of love Linda xxxxxxx


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