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Hi, I'm new!



I'm new here and joined today.

I quit on the 6th October using patches and felt great for a few weeks, especially as I'd felt pretty awful for the last couple of months of smoking. It was the best aversion therapy ever...

However, I've been getting really depressed since I cut down to the 14mg patch in week 7. It is a 24 hour one but I still take it off at night as I have been suffering from insomnia and sometimes can't sleep until 4 or 5am :(

I am proud of myself for cutting down to the 14mg, taking it off at night AND giving up the twice daily nicotine gum pieces I used in the first few weeks to supplement the 21mg patch I was on for 6 weeks.

I just feel really low now. It's been a bad year with 3 months' off sick, now unemployed, split from partner, trouble with parents and other stuff.

I don't want a cigarette at all. I am terrified of even having one so that's good as it was always what I reached for when I had mood swings, either stressed or depressed.

Does this lowness fade? How long does it last on average?

Thanks and hope the quit has gone well for you!

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Hi Amy

Welcome to the site congrats on your quit so far your doing really great. People do get low with quitting and also nicotine. But things will get better stick with us you will get great adive and support. Im sure after being on here a few days your mood will soon lift. There are some lovely loony people here. Linda xxxx

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Welcome to the forum and well done, you've got a great start to your quit!

The downs are a horrible but quite common, a bit of exercise can help but it sounds like there may be some other things weighing on your mind and adding to it.

The do fade, promise, hope they do soon for you, for me the week 9 was a low but didn't last too long.

Best wishes


Thanks for the support and warm welcome!

I am thinking of stopping alcohol to aid in lifting the depression but might just cut down as it's a bit much to do it all at once!

Hi Amy and welcome.

Just read your opening post and noticed we have the same quit date.

Sorry to hear you're feeling low-I think it's all part of the process-nicotine addiction is very sly and it's not until you start to reduce the supply that you realise the control it has over you.

I find I have good days and bad days and there seems to be no fixed pattern. I try to make the most of a good day and on a bad day I remind myself just how far I have come and why I quit in the first place.

There's some fantastic reading on the net-stuff which can really help to explain the emotions of quitting-Nic's post above contains some links. There are also some briliant people here on this forum-you never have to wait long for help support or advice.

Stick with it Amy-my quitmeter says we've not smoked for 59 whole days now-be proud of what you have achieved in spite of everything else going on around you.

Well done Girls 59 days is fab. xxxxxxxxxxxx

Hello Amy & Welcome,

I'm an interloper on the 3 month board, I'm still on month two, but I look in here to see what I've got to look forward to :D

For what it's worth in my opinion I wouldn't give up the alcohol yet - I did that first before the fags (for weight / calorie reasons) and now I feel like such a boring g!t.

No vices left for me.....society has finally got me conforming :mad:

I've posted some loopy things on here letting it all out and everyone still talks to me;) so feel free!


Thanks for the friendly support - I really appreciate it :)

I got pretty drunk tonight but didn't even think of having a fag which is amayzing for me.

You're all an inspiration!

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