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8 weeks


I do not believe that I have got to 8 weeks. With all my other "so called" quits I have barely got past 24 hours.

There have been many things this year that have happened to make me "quit for good" so feel that this is my time and it is going to be good.

Thanks for the support received on the forum and I would say that although I haven't posted much I have learnt alot from reading, reading, reading. Even though I am on Champix, I have read Allen Carr's book 3 or 4 times during my quit and it has helped me enormously.

Good things to come out of my quit are being able to go out and so******e without the worry of "when can I smoke" and "where do I smoke". These have lead me to virtually become a recluse since the smoking ban and quite frankly I have had enough. Hence, a couple of weeks ago I went to see Nickelback, am going to see Queen on Wednesday, have been out for several nights out for drinks and meals and ..................have got tickets to see Take That!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best wishes to everyone on their quit.

Well done Tracy on 8 weeks


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Well done Bernie that's fantastic where did the time go?

Great that you can enjoy so many things without having to worry about the cigs, I bet Nickleback were great and enjoy Queen, but.......

have got tickets to see Take That!!!!!!!!!!!!

ah well, I suppose every silver lining need s a cloud :p


Well done Bernie...great achievement:D It is such a relief not to have to worry about where we can have our next fix isn't it??;)... Stay'll soon be at 8 months...

p.s. if you need anyone to go to TT with, I'm your (wo)man..;)

have fun, good luck



Well done Bernie! Great achievement! :D

You reminded me of when I used to be a smoker, what a panic if I left home without the ol' pack of fags and the lighter eh? LOL - what slaves we were!!!! Thanks for the laugh! :D


Congratulations, Bernie.

You're doing so well. Just keep going!


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