No Smoking Day

day 4 with open arms

Well guys,

I'm onto day 4 - feeling really good, i had a couple cravings yesterday, but a nicorette gum sorted that out lol. not had to use the gum too much which is good. i can feel my body cleaning itself up - it's a wierd feeling.

well I'm really proud of myself - goin 2 the cinema with the wife 2nite as a treat :D - going to c saw 5 :( dont really like those kinda movies - oh well :p

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Wooo hooo have made it to day 4!!! well done Philip. Im struggling this morning. You know i found that smoke yesterday , well its still there and its on my mind alot but I dont seem to be able to crush it or anything just incase i really just want one last fag!!! Well done you ;)


Don't smoke it Kaz - PLEASE DON'T SMOKE IT???

Get the scissors and cut it up. That's what I did on Monday night (I cut up a pack of 20 that I had just bought) - now that's determination lol.

Team Kazam can do it :D


My advice,

Get rid, flush it or something.

Otherwise in a moment of weakness it is there and available, one puff is all you need to end this quit. So put that smoke out of harms way.

Stay strong, you can and will do this!

All the best,



:D Well done team Kazam you both are doing great , keep going !!

Tracey x


Well done Phil and Kaz. Keep going.

Kaz - I hope you have got rid of that cig. Soak it in water you can't do anything with it after that.

Good luck both. xxxx


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