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Moderators - Just being naughty!!!


Some people seem hell bent on finding out who our mods are. Personally I couldn't give a damn (or to use more modern language - a flying f*ck). The forum has been so useful to more people than is apparently obvious. Some of us really don't know or care who or what a moderator is and I personally think they are doing a good job. (Whatever that is)

However for those who think they can identify the mods, why don't you search the spelling of "their" - the mods have spelt is as "thier".

Might give the doubters something to do rather than smoke!

I think I just go and eat some Maltesers cos I'm feeling really naughty now!!;);)Luv


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Pru Maybe you should start a poll to find out who cares and who dont. Has to who they are. Me I agree with you I dont give a F.F. Lol. xxxxx

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