just over a day

Well I have made it 1 day without the fags which means that I am in day 2 - woohoo!!

I can do it - I've done 6 weeks before, but this time I am not gonna relapse - had 2 nicorettes 2day, which aint bad at all -

Cravings have not been bad at all - probably coz there is still nicotine in my system - well at least the carbon monoxide has gone

I'm feeling better already :D:D:D

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  • good going,

    Hang on in there and make this the quit that counts.



  • why is it good old nic is the first one 2 reply - im not sure if thats sayin something lol:p

    cheers nic - im doin good - here's to day 2.

  • Well done on getting through day 1, good luck for tomorrow!

  • well done PR the marble is not onto day 2 as well bring it on. ;)

  • Day 2 for the pair of you.

    Hang on in there, you can do it.



  • Well done you two, keep it going. You know you can do this. Just keep coming on here and, as John would say, read, read, read.:):):)

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