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You may remember I was here back in March/April this year, unfortunately I didnt get past the 2 week mark before trying to convince myself I could smoke 'socially' without it being a problem.... surprise, surprise, I was wrong.

Anyway, I quit again on the 12th of October making this my 9th day going cold turkey...going strong although I do still have a fair few cravings through the day but generally speaking they pass quickly now.

Although this time around I didnt post any of my daily experiences during the first week, I have been reading posts nearly every day to help get me through the notorious first week.

I wanted to leave a quick post to let you guys how much this forum and all the people that participate really do help others who are trying to quit, I think this is especially important to note as there have been a few discussions recently the number of users on the site.

A lot of this might be down to people who are using the forum as a valuable resource for quitting but not feeling the strength to talk about things openly as others have. So I wanted to take this time to thank all those people who are involved and to point out that although it might seem quiet, I'm sure many people are using the site just as I have been doing in the last week.

Thanks again


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Hi Mike,

I can't take any of the credit for your thank you as I only quit last night - I have been a member since the summer as I stopped for 6 weeks, but I started because of 'just one won't hurt' - typical.

Well I am back - and I am proud it myself :D

Well Done for getting to day 9 - u r doing fantastically well - keep it up and don't feel shy to post here, I posted loads when I quit before.

Go Mike, go go go Mike :P


Well done Mike,

9 days is a great achievement and in no time you'll be far beyond your previous quit.

I've failed on so many previous quits by thinking it would be nice to have just one now and again and you are right it doesn't work!

Stay strong, stay quit and if you choose to stay quiet that's fine, but you might find if fun and helpful answering some posts, give it a try :D

All the best



Welcome back Mike. Congrats on your quit and day 9 thats great. post or read what ever works for you. But do know we are here if you need us. linda xxxxxxxxxxx


Welcome back, Mike, sorry you lapsed :(

I found reading and posting here a great help, so don't be a stranger!:)


Hi Mike, Its great to see you back quitting again. The key is to keep trying. Good luck :)


Well done Mike

I still read far more than I ever post although its nice to get a few pats on the back, especially in the early stages:)

Keep it up


Hi Mike - welcome. I would like to reiterate all that has been said above. If you want to post then do so. I am sure that you have as much advice or opinions for any newbies or even longer members as anyone else and we would love to hear from you. It can be quite fun too.:D:D

Hope to see you soon. xxxxxxxxx



hi mike, just to say thanks for advice, im new on here but have been reading posts for a few days, im determined never to smoke again and this forum is just what the doctor ordered............cant wait for some sleep!! ( its 5am! ) , my spots to go ! but i feel great........... ( it,ll be two weeks on monday! .....2nd quit ( first lasted 3 days ) :):D


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