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does it still count???

I didn't know where to put this thread, anyway as most of you know i had a puff (one, singular) stupid puff on a nasty cancer stick a couple of days ago, does that mean i am right back at the start??? tomorrow should be 1 month since i quit....i think it should still count, i'm really proud of myself!!!! especially considering i am CT!!!!!!!! opinions please???????? thanks :) xx

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IMHO - it is how you feel at the end of the day really. I had one cig when I first quit in January so felt I had to go back to the beginning and then of course relapsed June/July so definitely had to go to Day 1 then. You have only had one puff. Don't beat yourself up about it, you have done the right thing by coming back here so if you want to stay at the one month quit then stay there. It would have been different if you had smoked the whole cig and more. That's my opinion.

Good luck Helen and don't do it again.:D


OOOOHHHHH Helen opens up that great big can of worms again............:eek:

There have been other threads about this and opinions differ.

No matter what the rest of us think, it is entirely up to YOU what you do.

Some people have the opinion that many years down the line it won't matter and that you have quit so thats that.

I am a bit more hard line than that Helen. (Dont worry not everyone is :) )

and i firmly believe that 1 puff, 1 ciggie , 1 pack, its all the same, nicotine (via a cigarette) was taken and that it should be back to day one. :(

If nothing else it will serve as a reminder, what a foolish thing it was to do. Remember, just one puff can be enough to send someone back to smoking again, therefore the hard line approach is, in my view, the way to go.

Dont worry though, i am sure there will be others on who have a different opinion and as i have already said, this was a "hot" and touchy subject a few months ago. Why not try to find the thread about it. ( i was just as grouchy back then too :D )

It is down to you in the end though and no matter what, you will still get the same support and encouragement as you always got.

(Have a read on whyquit aboput it and see what you think after that

there are some good articles there)


Yes helen I agree with Jan it was only one puff I think if it was me I would stay at one month. But it is your quit and only you can say what is right for you. if it had been an whole ciggy I would start from day one. xxxxxxxxxxxxx


i would say it starts again back to day 1. however, that doesnt mean you shouldnt be proud of yourself for what you have already acheived!!


opinions please???????? thanks :) xx

Well Helen.. seeing as you asked...

Some people have transferred their obsession to the quit meter which is quite weird because it's just counting up from something that you've escaped from and as we keep seeing it's summat you can easily end up trapped in again.

I will admit that they have their uses in remembering the cash saved mind..

The only important thing to remember, and lots of us seem to forget it, is that you make the commitment not to smoke today, not to smoke tomorrow and then take the rest as they come.

There's no gift at 6 months. You don't get a telegram of congratulations at 12 months.

This habit which you have to break is all in your head. How you deal with it is ultimately up to you.

The prize is the rest of your life smoke-free and it starts today. :)


ok, interesting.....not really sure about this, you see the way i see it is i should not have had that puff, it was stupid, but i feel that having done it, and regretted it and not enjoyed it or wanted to have another puff since, i have strengthened my resolve and feel more certain than before i took the puff that i don't want to smoke and that i will never return to being a smoker. So in a weird and twisted kind of way (and at risk of you lot shouting at me) i actually see it as a positive thing in my quit, as it was the day that i realised how far i had got... and how much i prefered not smoking. so whilst it was not a good thing to do, it has had a positive outcome during my ongoing attempt to permanently rid my life of tobacco....therefore i don't see that single puff as a relapse but as a bump in the very long road swiftly followed by a moment of clarity in which i realised that smoking is just not who i am anymore.....i left that behind a month ago, i'm still proud of that whole month, so i'm sticking at a month!!!!


p.s. there won't be any more "bumps" :D



good for you.

It is (and i think we all said this) Entirely up to YOU what you do about this.

No-one is going to shout at you for making a choice about what YOU think is best for YOUR quit so no worries.

I can understand your thinking as well, in that the puff has reinforced your resolve to succeed and will hopefully help make your quit even stronger in the long run.

Good luck.

BUT....if it happens again .......:mad:



Helen I would be thinking the way that you have explained above and if that's how it works out in your mind, thats the way you should go!

Well done for reaching your 1 month!!


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