Ending Month 4 - Starting Month 5

Hi Guys

Well done to all who are still here... Well done Liam - must be tough but you are doing great!

I am starting month 5 tomorrow, cant believe how quick the time has passed to be honest... I remember when I was thinking of giving up how hard I thought that it would be and didnt really think that I would get past one day, let alone months! Still I have and I am happy... still not looking back and dont want a fag, I have had some really stressful times these last couple of weeks, really bad where I would have normally smoked non stop and it didnt even bother me...

Well done all...

3 Replies

  • Well done Maria

    I'm a month behind and have been following your progress since I joined the forum.

    Really please that its going well for you.

    Keep up the good work.


  • Well done Maria

    you really seem to have it sussed!!!

  • Well done Maria, 5 months seems such a long way off in the distant future for me but, I hope I'm still as positive as you are!

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