Here I come week 3

I'm now on day 15, a few stresses along the way but I'm doing OK. I ocassionally feel like a ciggie, not crave, but just to see what it would be like to smoke just the one, but I know it wouldn't be just the one, I can also remember when I have given up in the past how bad I've felt when I lit that first fag, & the awful dizzy feeling, I don't want to go through that again. As I don't smoke anymore & I'm not a drinker what do I pass around in celebration? My grand-daughter Ryleigh was born yesterday morning, she's beautiful. I'M A NANNY AGAIN:D

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  • Congratulations... have a big cup of tea in celebration. Well done on getting to week 3, quite some achievement and a new granddaughter - superb.

  • Congrats Scoobydoo, both on the grand-daughter and the quit.

    Celebrate with a good meal!

    All the best


  • CONGRATULATIONS on getting to week 3 and also on becoming a granny - sooo jealous!!!:p (my daughter says I have to wait at least another 10yrs:eek:!!)

    good luck for the on going quit - you have an extra reason to stay quit now...:D


  • Well done on your 3 weeks thats fab.

    BIG CONGRATS on Little one. Having two new grand children myself next year. Thats the thing thats keeping me going. xxxxxxxxxx

  • Well done scooby keep up the good work.

  • Congratulations on both counts Scooby Doo.

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