No Smoking Day

day 2 and still here going strong

hi people

well got to day 2 on the cold turkey method and i must say you are all correct in what you say...

a crave can seem like hours but is only a min or less.....

so each time i have wanted to smoke i just say to my self its another craving oh well lets get these one over and done with...

so roll on day 3


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Well done Tim

Your doing fab you know the first few days are the worse. xxxxx


Well done Tim,

Hang on in there, you are doing great.




I've just replied to your day one post *slaps forehead*

Glad you made it to day two in one piece! Hang in there and it'll get better, promise!


Well done.

You should be proud of yourself.

Remember, a crave will go away whether or not you smoke. Also, no situation is helped by a smoke... the situation will still be what it is, and you will feel bad for smoking.

Have a good read up on here and also on and to get other perspectives on the quitting process... once you read something that truly reaches you, you will be amazed the difference it makes.

Education really is key.

Keep going, you really are doing great!


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