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Smoking Trap

Well another year and another few failings under my belt, but this time I know I will succeed. I finally realise the smoking trap and now know that I have finally escaped from it forever. I know its only day 1 but my mental attitude this time is completely different. I have spent months contemplating smoking and trying to understand why I stupidly everyday purchase cigs and stupidly smoke them when I know I hate them and dont want to smoke anymore. The trap is a bugger and will draw you in. It is such a trap that it makes you think how you can ever enjoy life again without that stupid little rolled up paper with tobacco and a filter attached. So this is my journey and diary of how I am doing day to day. I hope my initial thoughts are true and I am now free from the burden of smoking. I feel alive and for the first time I have been a day and not constantly thinking I want a fag. I have enjoyed not wanting or craving a fag. Its been such a great experience. So what is the trap. The trap is within your own mind. Learn how to unlock it and you will be free. Understanding that smoking does nothing for you. It does not make you happy, it does not take away stress. But you feel better after a fag. Think more about this, its not the fag that is taking away your stress. How often have many of you been having a crap day in work, things are getting on top of you your feeling stressed. You go out and have a fag maybe alone or with fellow smokers. You smoke and start feeling a bit calmer, thinking thats better needed that fag. But what else is happening. Your removing yourself from the stress by going outside giving yourself 5 mins to chill and gather thoughts alone on how your going to push forward or having a laugh with your mates all of this whilst smoking. The trap is simply this and its a bloody good trap as it had me fooled for 8 years thinking the fag relieved stress. Who am I kidding, only myself. It is so subtle that you fall for it and the thought of giving up fills you with dread. How can you cope without it. Easy, its not doing anything for you. Its all part of the smoking trap that engulfs you and that small fag ends up controlling you. Well its time to finally understand what the smoking trap is and to finally gain back control from my mind and safe in the thought that each day that comes I will not allow myself to fall back into the trap that has had me for 12 years.

Good luck all on your first day.

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Hello and welcome andywburt.

Congratulations on your wise decision.

I too quit using a similar method;)

Continue to educate yourself and you wont look back.

Good luck:D


Well Said Andy!!

you are so right in what you say,I too am on a similar journey as your self,It took me while to understand the trap but I do now and feel very positive and strong:)


Well done and welcome to the forum,

What you are saying is the truth, and mental attitude is the key to success IMHO.

I wish you erey success and it sounds like you are well prepared.

All the best,




Thanks everyone appreciate the support.



all the best Andy


Good luck Andy. You sound like you have got your head round it this time.


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