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Week 2 here I come!!!!!!!!!!

:p Week 1 over 7 week 2 under way, I feel OK, just wish I could get a good nights sleep. Off to the smoking clinic tomorrow:o Had a bit of a blip earlier:eek:, my darling son really narked me off, then again he usually does, he know what buttons to push, but I didn't cave, yeah I felt like a ciggie, but only because I always smoked when I was in a bad mood, I didn't crave the ciggie, anyway boys gone out now, can relax.

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Twice during the first week, my little boy just about sent me to the shop... but I resisted and those were the hardest 2 moments of the quit so far.

I think children (naughty children!) - whether or not they are old enough to know better are one of the factors most likely to affect us.

But, you came through it - and your quit is probably stronger because of it, so very well done for that.

Also, the first week is out of the way - thats an awesome acheivement on it's own.

Congratulations, you seem very level headed about it and seem to know what you want... both very good news for a quitter :D


Congratulations on making it to week 2!

The 1st week is usually the toughest so the worst should be over!

Keep up the good work.



Congratulations on reaching week 2!


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