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First day here

It's been great reading all your messages of support for each other. No one knows how it feels to quit unless they've smoked themselves so, it's great to have that knowledge.

I am on Day 1 of quitting with Champix. Not my first attempt at quitting but, first time with Champix and I'm feeling positive.

Feel different to how I felt when I tried to stop with patches. Maybe this is now the right time for me.

By the time I got to day 9 (yesterday) and the higher dose of Champix, I didn't enjoy a single smoke yesterday but, I had to smoke them because I wanted rid of them to start a fresh day today. The higher dose of Champix makes me feel nauseous and makes everything taste different not just the cigs! Can't drink coffee as it tastes metallic, like when you are pregnant (and I'm not pregnant for sure)

Anyway, fingers crossed I will be back to post on day 2 and still be as positive!! Good luck to all those that are going through the same process!

Cat, xx

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Good luck to you, and well done on the decision to stop.

As you've reading a lot on here - you will already have seen that in peoples signatures are links to masses of info which you should read to make sure you know what to expect.

I am also quitting on Champix - the nausea will dissapear in a few days, but I still get it a little from time to time.


Well done,

Many people find that champix is a wonder drug, sounds like its doing the trick for you too.

If you have been reading old posts the chances are that you'll have seen some links to other sources of information. IMHO the best way to stay stopped is to re-educate yourself about soking and nicotine addition in general.

These are a few of my favourites.

You can, and I'm sure tou will do it this time!

Keep posting, its always good to hear others experiences.




Thanks for the welcome and advise about re-educating as it's so important.

Have read and re-read Allen Carr's stop smoking book many times but, that alone wasn't enough for me to quit for longer than 24 hours.

I'm also thankful for the support of my GP and nurse at the surgery. Having to go there every 5-7 days for blood pressure checks makes me even more determined to prove to them aswell as myself that I can succeed!


You sound very lucky with the NHS in your area, that's great, take advantage of any and all support that you can!

Likewise the Allen Carr book (and DVD) I find helpful but have never clicked for me, having said that they have been fantastic for others.

The forum will be here to help you along as best we can, as and when you need it, we have all been where you are right now!




Hi Cat, After 47years of smoking over 50 a day, l stopped with the help of Champix. :) It can be of invaluable help in quitting. I only took the 2 tablets a day for about 2 weeks after quitting, mainly because l forgot to take them both. :eek: Make sure that you eat something before taking the tablets, as this will help to stop the feeling of nausea. You are sounding really positive. :D Keep coming back on here/

Love Josie XXX


Hi Cat so glad to see you here.;)

When i first quit I found this site a massive help to me. I hope you get lots of help and advise too.


hi there:)

You will find lots of support on here:)

Your on Day 8,your well in to it now!:)


Hey Flip...great to see you posting here again. Thought you'd left for good.

I never left. I pop in every so often to check on you all but dont post very often. Cat is a very good friend of mine so look after her.


Thanks Flippy and to all of you for your messages of support. Really helps to hear/read from others who know exactly what you're going through and I will definitely be back to update regularly and help support others in the same way.

Thanks for making me feel so welcome!


Good luck cat I found this place a real help on this attempt to stop as I have said before "Wish I found this site ages ago"



good luck with your quit.

Champix does seem to be a great help for many people and i am sure it will work for you too.

Dont forget the power of posting on here though and also remember to keep educating yourself about quitting.

Education is probably the most important factor on quitting. Champix, NRT, Allen Carr are all great for the first few days BUT it is knowledge that seems to help people in the longer term.

Good luck


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