No Smoking Day

Day 3, Still Strong

After flooding my body with fruit juices yesterday, I made it through my second day without a mental breakdown. I'm ready to break that three-day marker, this is the longest I've stayed quit so I'm not giving up today (or ever). I really want one right now actually (it's morning here in Amsterdam!). Damn, you just wish you never started in the first place...... :o

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Damn, you just wish you never started in the first place...... :o

No - never.

Anything that gets thrown at you during the process of quitting is just part of the process. If you want to quit you have to go through it - otherwise you have to smoke for the rest of your life.

Have you read a lot of this forum, and other web sites?

The link in my sig helps me when things lose thier perspective, and is fantastic.

The more info you can get about the good and bad things you can expect, the more you are ready for it.

Well done for 2 days, by the way - quite an acheivement.

EDIT (After Nic's post below) - I misunderstood the "wish you'd never started" bit.. I took it as "started the quit", but yes I do sometimes wish I never started smoking... but I don't know if I would gain the confidence I have through being strong enough to quit if I hadn't. It's a difficult one, but as I have come to my senses early enough in my life and am quitting while still young enough for it to have no lasting effects... I'm going to say no... I don't wish I never started, but I'm so happy I decided to stop.


Congrats on getting to day 3, hang on in there it gets better!

I try not to regret anything in my life. Yes it probably would have been better if I hadn't started but it was due to a smoking incident that I met my wife, so if I hadn't been a a smoker I probably would never have met her. Hmmmmm:rolleyes:

Stay strong.



Well done Mate getting to day 3 thats fab. yea OMG do I wish i never started. xxxxxxx


Well done on getting to day 3, you don't realise until you get there, how long 3 days is!!

I am on day 1 and day 3 seems like a long way off when taking things 1 day at a time but, it's worth talking yourself out of why you think you want a smoke, especially first thing in the morning. Are you use any form of NRT?

Good luck and hope to see you post on day 4!


Thanks for your awesome support everyone! Kittycat, 3 days fully completed now, no NRT! I've never had any luck with nicotine replacement for some reason; everyone's different I suppose. What I've realized about being smoke-free after three days is this: yes, a lot of the physical aspects of withdrawal are very diminished (no headaches, a little disoriented still but getting better, that "yearning for a cigarette" feeling you get in your throat is going away), but even though the physical symptoms are gone, I know it's going to be a constant struggle psychologically and emotionally. I'm excited for the day when "I want a cigarette" is a rare thought! Good luck to everyone today!



I'm excited for the day when "I want a cigarette" is a rare thought! Good luck to everyone today!

Well done Alec,

You will probably find that the first of those days comes sooner than you expect!

All the best



Well done Alec.

Keep posting on here for support and of course reading as much as you can. I have found this forum extremely helpful in the past and especially now.


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