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Day 12 Happy


Hi Everyone,

Im on day 12 now, went to the doctors last night to have my blood pressure taken and its back to normal after not smoking for 12 days.

Those darn fags were the cause of it.

As i mentioned ive never had high blood pressure in the whole of my life apart from once when i went for a check up 2 weeks ago.

So happy its now normal and its given me more motivation to not start smoking again.

Havent used a nicotine patch for 6 days now and the carvings are getting alot less still feel stressed though just because i know i cant have a ciggie.

Going to put a nicotine patch on later today as will be having a drink tonight and dont want to cave as alcohol and ciggies have always gone hand in hand.

Hope your all doing well

Speak to you soon

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Well done Claire - keep going. Just goes to show what harm those evil little weeds can do.

Well done Claire

!2 days is fab, also so pleased your BP is back to normal. Please Dont take this the wrong way. But I think you would be silly to put a nico patch on now after 6 days. All the nicoteen is gone from the body you dont want to be putting it back in. ( just me its up to you) Have a fab night out and enjoy. xxxxx

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

12 days that is fantastic,

Keep up the good work!

Well Done:)

The fact that you know those awful sticks were the cause of your High blood pressure must give you that extra boost.

Well done, Claire - day 12 is a great accomplishment. I hope you are suitably proud of yourself.

Glad to hear that it is helping you medically as well.

Personally, I think if you haven't used a patch for 6 days that you may want to think twice before putting one on to go out tonight. You have been almost a week with no nicotine and are through the worst part of a cold turkey quit!!!!

Your body is completely free of nicotine at the moment, why change that and risk starting withdrawal again?

It's your quit, and entirely your decision... the only important thing is that you don't smoke - but please think about it.

Well done Claire enjoy your night out and have a pint of the black stuff for me ;) and stay OFF the smokes!

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