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Start of week 2

Hi everyone,

Well i managed not to give in all weekend, was dredding it as i had a drink saturday, the two have always gone hand in hand, was very difficult but i didnt cave.

Start of week 2 today its now 8 days since i smoked a cigarette.

Decided not to use a nicotine patch yesterday and today, have decided now that wasnt such a great idea as ive been craving non stop all day today, work has kept me busy thank god.

I just want these cravings to go, thought this would be getting easier by now but just dont feel like it is if im honest.:(

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Well done you are doing brilliantly, 8 days is no mean feat.

Having not used a patch you are going through nicotine withdrawal, and after about 72 hours almost all the nicotine will be out of your system.

It will get a lot easier and before too long. Hang on in there, its all worth it in the end.

All the best



It will get easyer Babes but has Nic said because you left patch off its old nic leaving the Body it should be gone in about 72 hour. Stay strong We are here for you. xxxx


Personally I think that leaving the patches off is a great idea if you can get through the week following it.

After 72 hours with no nicotine, your body is clean and the cravings start to ease off a bit - after a week without the craving really start to get less significant.

I always think its better to deal with withdrawal right at the start than after several weeks, but if you want to go back to NRT to make sure you don't smoke that's up to you - I think it would be a shame after 2 whole days without though.

Good luck, whatever you decide.

Do anything - just don't smoke!


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