Week two

I have been quit again for 1 week 4 days. But almost caved again to day. has most of you know my eldest son has drink prob been really ill more than once stopped drinking in Jan after a bad time. i know hes been very low and his health is not good. But this morning he phoned me in one hell of a state hes Very very deppressed and tells me he has started drinking again. My head is in the shed i know i cant do anything i been here so many times its not true. but it dont make it any easyer to watch your child drink his self to death cos this time hes still ill. Sorry to ramble on just needed to tell someone. linda xxxxx

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  • Linda,

    I'm sure you know that no one minds a ramble, a vent, a scream, a shout or anything else that gets people through.

    I am very sorry to hear about your son, and I can only imagine how you must be feeling - but how will having a cigarette help?

    No one on here will blame you if you do have one, especially under those circumstances - but how will it help?

    All you would be doing is putting another problem on top of the ones that are already there.

    I truly hope that things get better for you soon.

  • Thanks Stuard

    Dont worry this morning i felt like giving in but i dont now just cant get my head around the return of the nightmare. Hes almost 32 and its been going on for almost 17 years. xxxxx

  • Hi Linda, really sorry to hear about that, i can't imagine how you would begin to deal with a situation like that, but like the others said caving in to cigarettes won't help, though under that amount of stress i don't think anyone would blame you!!! You rant all you want ;) ****hugs**** xx

  • sharing u with the most sympathethic manner

  • by the way. what's CT ?

  • by the way. what's CT ?

    CT means Cold Turkey - It's when you quit without using any aids such as tablets or patches.

    (No, I have no idea why it's called cold turkey either)

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